February 28, 2011

Who Will Be The Next American Best Selling Author?

With all the reality TV shows cluttering the airwaves, how come they haven’t yet done a “So You Think You Can Write” show where they pick the next American Best Selling Author?

Think about it: Millions of wannabe writers give a pitch in front of a panel of three judges. I’m thinking the judges should consist of a famous writer (preferably British), an attractive female agent, and then a third judge who no one really knows what he does except he is “involved in the industry” and wears really cool glasses.

There would be no age limit for this competition. 80 year old wannabe writers would be pitted against 15 and 16 year olds who squeal, “This has been my life-long dream! I’ve wanted it since I was 14!”

First the wannabes have to do their audition pitch in front of the judges. If they impress them, they get a golden ticket to go to New York City (just seems right to hold it there). People who wear the gimmicky chicken costumes to give their pitch usually don’t make it through to the next round, although if you wear nothing but a bikini and you have the body to pull it off, your chances might be increased.

During New York week, contestants participate in the dreaded group sessions where writers with different styles and running on no sleep have to work together to produce a great piece of writing.

And so the competition continues….all the way up to where the American public calls in their votes for the writer who they think has the most talent--or just the person they like the best, because we all know it isn’t just about the writing--you have the have the whole package to be the next American Best Selling Author.

I thought up the idea for this show a couple of years ago, and you’d think it would be fair to say if the reality show ever does come into being, I should get royalties for the idea. However, I did an internet search on the title “So You Think You Can Write” and come to find out other people had similar ideas. Just goes to show, few ideas are original—it’s how you present them that matters.


Slipsydoll said...

I think this would be a fantastic competition! I love that even old people can take part in it, and why shouldn't they? They have much more experience writing so it would probably put them ahead in the competition, don't you think? They may have an unfair advantage.

Anonymous said...

You are so clever! As an American Idol enthusiast...I think your idea of finding the next great American author is an outstanding one. But...could writers handle the extreme criticism? What about all the costume changes? I'm just afraid they couldn't remember all the words to their paragraph when asked to recite it verbatim. Hmmm...I will have to mull this idea over before I can commit to becoming a fan...but I do like the way you think!

CatwomanofV said...

I think the winner of "So You Think You Can Write" should have a chance at writing for these so-called reality shows.

Kiddlebit7 said...

Problem is...you'd have to find 3 celebrities who actually knew how to read : )