March 7, 2011

If You Have Problems Leaving Comments On Blogs...

© Cindy Sabulis
The past few weeks I’ve had difficulty leaving comments on some blogs that I follow. Many blogs I follow my comments will take no problem, and others they won’t take. It’s been frustrating to compose a really profound comment worthy of some kind of literary award then not be able to post it.

This same thing happened on my own blog. Someone tried to comment (maybe it was profound…maybe not), but it wouldn’t take. After the person tipped me off to the problem, I tried it myself, and sure enough, I wasn’t able to leave a comment on my own blog.

Off to the Blogger Help Desk I went to look up the problem. Other people were having the same issue. Most of the people having this problem were using Firefox and the blogs they couldn’t leave comments on had the comment form placed right below the posts. When a blog was set up with the comment form in a pop-up window, there were no problems.

The solution many helpful people gave to fix this problem so you could post comments was to unblock third party cookies on your computer settings. Frankly, I love cookies. The kind you eat. The kind sneaky websites put on your computer, not so much. I am not sure I want to invite them all in.

I tried to add a few of the blogs I wanted to comment on as exceptions to the blocked cookie setting, but that didn’t work for me. I tried a couple of other suggested fixes and they didn't help either. It could have been human error, but this human didn’t want to play with it too long to get it to work for every blog where I wanted to leave a comment.

So, either I don’t comment on a number of  blogs I follow, I spend a lot of time playing with my computer settings to figure out how to get it to work, I wait until the blog owners change their comments to a separate pop-up windows, or I wait for Blogger to fix this flaw. I have since changed my own blog comments to a pop-up window so people using Firefox and other browsers having this problem will be able to leave tons of profound comments.  

Hopefully, this info will help someone else who’s experienced this problem and hasn’t yet figured out why. If you do have an embedded comment form on your blog, that might be the reason I've yet to leave a profound comment there.

*Please do not use stick figure artwork without permission.


Matthew Rush said...

Sometimes blogger just breaks down. I'm pretty sure it's happening on my blog right now.

CatwomanofV said...

I like your original artwork. In fact, I like it better than Picasso and/or Andy Walhol. If they can make as artists, I don't understand why you can't.

Cindy Blog-A-Liddle said...

Thanks, Catwoman. I think I make a better writer than artist, but at least I'm getting more proficient at drawing stick figures.

Jennifer said...

Cindy thanks for alerting me to this issue. I will have to check my blog and see what my setting are.

Sandra Riffero said...

Thanks for directing me to this Blog, I had no idea people couldn't post with the normal settings. I think the chains are off my blog and people can freely leave their jewels of wisdom (or more likely, smarmy remarks). :D You're the best! Everyone feel free to test it! Mahalo. :)

TPS said...

I always wondered why I hardly ever got comments on my blogger blogs until someone recently informed me that it is next to impossible to leave a comment.

I will try your suggestion of a pop up window and maybe that will help. Thanks.