About Me

I'm a grown up kid who enjoys hula hooping, roller skating, and jumping on pogo sticks (sometimes one handed!). I also still play with dolls. Some people might think anyone old enough to have gray hairs is too old to still be doing these things. That’s why I dye my hair. 

Growing up, I was fifth in line to the family throne--which meant I grew up with the joy and terror of having four older siblings. Because I was towards the bottom of the family food chain, I took my share of hits for things I didn’t do since the blame for anyone or anything getting hurt, broken, or mutilated filtered down from oldest to youngest child. Every kid in the house older than me knew crying, "The baby did it!" might get them off the hook. Lucky for me, I wasn't the baby for long. Once my younger sister was born I was able to carry on the tradition of passing the blame on down the sibling line. Not so lucky--I learned the downward “the baby did it!” ploy was no match for the “you’re older, you should know better!” argument the adult members of the family called into play.

Occasionally I'm asked if I liked growing up in a large family. As a kid, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having enough siblings to start a three-ring circus. With all those people living in my house it was quite obvious that the hope of being an only child with my own room was something I could only dream about. Now that I'm all grown up (?) I can definitely say I'm happy for my large, circus-like family. 

Me, All Grown Up

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason like to tell me you think you can beat me at hula hooping or pogo sticking I can be reached by e-mail at csabulis ([AT]) snet ([dot]) net *

*Written in secret code to foil the evil internet robot that likes to send me spam.